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This game is run by The Kool.

(No large amount of work is currently being done. 12/06/08 ~Reign)



Welcome to the TF-RP: Tedd(/Tess) Forces! This particular RP focuses on the fierce war between the Tedd/Tess Forces, and the Lords Tedd. Here, you can join the battle by creating a character and/or world that sides with the TF, the LT, both or neither. There are limitless worlds for you choose from (Actually, there are 1000 in total, CR-000 to CR-999.) and you can decide whether you want to fight for the side of good or evil. This RP allows modification of characters and worlds that originate from the comic, so it's possible to have a world exactly like the comic, but only a few hours ahead. Your world is your imagination! Be creative, and have fun!


These are all the rules having to do with things that differ from Real Life.


Aliens are defined as creatures that do not originate from the planet they are on. The most common creatures found on Earth are Uryuoms, Lespukos, chimeras, and a few others that aren't named. Each species has their own supernatural ability. Each species only has access to their own natural ability, but other species are able to gain those same abilities if they are enchanted in an item of some sort. Those powers can range from magic, to psychic, and anywhere in between. For an explanation of psychic powers, the most common kind of ability, go to this page: TF-RP: Psychic Powers


Magic is only accessible to humans. There have been theories that Chimeras had the ability to use magic as well, due to their part human DNA. There has been no evidence proving this, however. Every human has access to magic, but most people cannot use this on their own. They require objects infused with mana, some other magical material or spell. The more effort put into creating a magical item, the more power or ability it has in it. There are a few people who are able to use this magic on their own. Those who can, are able to gain spells and those spells reflect who they are. Those who cannot use magic, or those who are not human, are still able to wield magical items and use the effects. (Article on magic coming soon, hopefully. ~Reign)


Technology, due to the vast number of Tedds working together, has taken leaps and bounds, and is much farther along than many would think possible. Such technology includes, but is not limited to: Dimension Portals, TF Guns, Stasis Guns, free energy devices, communicator watches that work over dimensions, etc. The possibilities for technology are endless, and chances are, the bomb that surpasses a nuclear bomb will most likely be created by the Tedds. Anything that you think isn't possible to make probably has been, and anything you thought about making probably already has been made.


There are an infinite number of realities. Yours is in a branch that is constantly at war. The branch is divided into realms, each one designated by two letters - yours is Charlie-Romeo, or CR. Each reality in a realm has a three number designation to go after the realm designation, such as CR-285. Each realm is divided into three zones: the white zone, the black zone, and the gray zone. The white and black zones each include around 400 realities at any given time, and the gray zone 100. The remaining 100 or so are considered 'empty'.

White Zone

The white zone includes the realities controlled by the TF. These realities mostly know nothing of the war, and live in innocent peace, though a few do know.

CR-000 - HQ

This is realm headquarters, where the orders come from. These are the people who tell everyone what to do.


All known about this reality is that this is the home of the team that called for help, thus pulling team CR-257 into action. The team is young, at only eight years old.


This reality is where our current team comes from. It is a peaceful world, magic and aliens are slightly more known, at least in the Moperville area. Other than that, it is almost identical to the main reality in most aspects.


Very much like the main reality, this one is normal except for seemingly random goo attacks. The people here have gotten pretty used to the attacks and rely on Tedd's forces to get rid of the goo monsters.

Gray Zone

The gray zone is the battlefield. These realities mostly don't have a Tedd, and therefore were pulled in as neutral ground to fight over. These realities are mostly your typical devastated world, a big ruin, with the people living in hiding, though some live mostly in ignorance of the war raging on in the underground of their world.


This is the reality to which the current team has been called. It s a world of great ruin, your typical post-apocalyptic world.


This reality is currently in chaos, where both a TF team and a LT team both live here. Neither know about The Nest, so a possible three-way battle may occur. The TF team decided to increase its numbers by cloning themselves with the DD, but the clones turned evil and turned to the TF team.


Ellen and Tess from Team CR-729 are currently on a mission here. This reality is living in peace, or at least at the current moment. Everything seems normal here. This reality is more open about the use of magic.

Black Zone

The black zone includes the realities controlled by the Lords Tedd. These realities suffer from tyranny and oppression, though they mostly don't know why, and don't know about the war, though some do know, and usually respond in some way or other.

CR-999 - HQ

This is the designation given the home world of the main Lord Tedd, though the coordinates of the world are not known.


This is a dark reality, where the war is publicly known, though none dare oppose. The Lord Tedd here imprisoned the twins Susan and Dianne's family, and now has them working for him as assassins.


Here is everything about the characters of the game, including the sheet to use for them, a list of all characters, and much info on them.

Character Sheet

Characters use the following form:

Played by:

Color of speech:





General appearance:



Special abilities:



Groups use the following form:

Name, age, gender; important notes

Repeat for each character.

Character List

Current list of known characters by realm, with their names and speech colors:

White CR-257

  • Tedd, #800080
  • Grace, #008000
  • Ellen, #0000BF
  • Araliss, #BF0000
  • Jess, #FF8000
  • Casey, #FF4000

White CR-729

  • Tess, #BF80FF
  • Ellen, ?

Black CR-837

  • Susan, #000080
  • Dianne, ?
  • Cain, ?

White CR-139

  • Tedd, #BF00BF
  • Grace, #00BF00
  • Elliot, #0040BF
  • Nanase, #FF0040

White Teams

These teams are the teams that work for the Tedd Forces. They try to defend the Gray worlds from being taken over by the Lords Tedd.

White Team CR-139

Played by The Kool

Tedd, 8, male; he has many gadgets and gizmos, more than most Tedds.

Grace, 9, female; she has only a few forms, including one with wings.

Elliot, 8, male; he has not run into the DD, but he is a good fighter.

Nanase, 8, female; she can use magic, but not as much as her older counterpart.

White Team CR-257

This team is the current focus of the story. They are currently on CR-428.


Played by Sousui_Ookami.

Name(counterpart): Tedd

Age: 18

Gender: Male

General appearance: Tedd is highly androgynous, has purple hair, and wears special glasses that have special features. He wears around a blue coat, and a black shirt, and light-colored pants.

Background: Tedd's father works for the government, Tedd met up with Grace about a year ago, and many other details shown in the comic. He goes to Moperville North.

Relations: Tedd has known Ellen for many years, and was starting to go out with her about a year ago, when Grace showed up. She liked him, and he liked her, and that threw the whole relationship deal into confusion, and it has remained precariously as such for the past year. He has known Justin for the past few year, ever since Nanase, his cousin, started dating him. Jess he has known only for a few months, since Grace introduced her to him. Recently she found out about the TF, and convinced him to let her work with him.

Special abilities: Tedd doesn't have any special abilities. He can't really use magic. The closest thing to special abilities he has would be his TF gun. He can also speak Uryuomoco.

Magic: None.

Equipment: He has many, many gadgets, mostly of his own invention, though a few supplied by other Tedds. Among them, the most notable are his TF gun, his stasis gun, his shrink ray, his blaster, and a few battle suits.


Played by Tadpole.

Name(counterpart): Grace

Age: 19

Gender: Female

General appearance: Same as in the comic. Actually, her appearance varies with her different forms, so...

Background: It's been about a year since the events in Painted Black. Grace goes to Moperville South, as in the comic.

Relationships: Grace likes Tedd, but unfortunately, Tedd has complicated confusions and conflicts going on in his mind, because he likes both her and Ellen.

Special abilities: Grace has many forms she can shift in and out of, and she can also combine forms. In addition to that, she has telekinesis.

Magic: None.

Equipment: Grace doesn't have any equipment, other than the basic stuff like the clothes she's wearing. Of course, since the realization at her 18th birthday party, she's been much better about wearing clothes. Battle suit, TF gun, blaster, stasis gun, extra power pack with charger.


Played by ButcherShopVegan.

Name(counterpart): Ellen (Elliot)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

General appearance: Same as Ellen from the comic. Le duh. Oh and she's as much of a black-shirt fan as Elliot.

Background: Ellen was the original in this universe. But she basically was about- not completely, but about- the same as Comic-Elliot. However, when the DD incident occurred, they found out about the side effects before the time limit ran out, and they had Tedd's TF gun with them, so both versions got zapped with all the standard forms, minus the dog and mouse and plus otter, as well as v5 and v1 of both genders, and can therefore transform into all of them. However, the Dunkels were rather less financially stable in this 'verse, so Elliot got sent to some other safehouse. He was pretty pissed.

Special abilities: Can transform into cat, hedgehog, chipmunk, raccoon, Jeremy, fox, squirrel, otter, Mv5, Fv5, and Fv1 forms. Also has the anime martial arts.

Magic: None.

Equipment: Battle suit, TF gun, blaster, stasis gun, extra power pack with charger.


Played by twilightdusk.

Name(counterpart): Araliss (Justin)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

General appearance: the event that resulted in his gaining magic had the side effect of giving him green hair, other than that, not much stands out. he has brown eyes, glasses, and a few freckles on his face. he is about 6 feet tall and wears a red jacket with an orange undershirt and tan pants. his two pairs of shoes are nearly identical white sneakers.

Special abilities: On his school French trip, he gained magic (through a way that shall not be explained due to it not yet being explained in the comic), which gave him a spell-book and green hair. he has not used his magic much, as the only spell he has is to summon creatures form trading cards (and each card can only be summoned once for each copy of it he has). he goes to the Anime-style martial arts dojo giving him good unarmed combat skills.

Magic: Flight, bringing TCG cards to life.

Equipment: Spell book, battle suit, TF gun, blaster, stasis gun, extra power pack with charger.


Played by jfan999.

Name: Jess

Age: 18

Gender: Female

General appearance: she is relatively pretty. She is very trim considering she doesn�t to much physical activity. Wears reading glasses but doesn�t seem to need them at times. She has green eyes that glow when she uses her powers.

Background: born and raised to the age of 10 in Edmonton. The reason she left was because of an embarrassing incident including a fire hose, trolley of books, and a giant fan. Since then she has lived in Moperville with her parents. After arriving at Moperville people began calling her a freak because her powers began to manifest. after living in Moperville for 6 years Jess finally made a friend. the next year her powers fully activated, she made many friends including two greater chimeras who introduced her to Tedd. after many battles with various enemies she decided that the normal life didn't suit her, so she ended up joining the TF.

Relationships: recently broke up with her boy friend, isn't really looking for someone new.

Special abilities: Jess is a psychic, she can move things with her mind, fly, shoot 'Psi Blasts', and has telepathy/empathy. for more information see TF-RP: Psychic Powers

Magic: none.

Equipment: Battle suit, TF gun, blaster, stasis gun, extra power pack with charger.

White Team CR-543

Played by ReignOfChaos

Tedd: 18, Male. Can transform into Fv5, dog, Eagle, and Lynx.

Elliot: 18, Male. Can transform into Fv5, and dog.

Justin: 18, Male. Can transform into Fv5, and Eagle.

Manase: 18, Male. Can transform into Fv5, and Lynx.

Susan: 18, Female. Can transform into Jeremy form by use of magic. Looks exactly like Diane for some yet unknown reason.

White Team CR-729

Played by ReignOfChaos


18, male; Was turned into his V5 form instead of the V1 form by the TF Gun when it malfunctioned. He separates with Tess upon touching the DD. He has finally made a machine that generates free energy by pulling it out of the space-time continuum. This is version smaller than the normal one and powers the watches the team uses. He is constantly trying to find a way to make it smaller and more efficient. Tedd sits behind the scenes during missions and guides everyone. It is very rare to see Tedd go to another dimension, for a mission or for fun.


18, female; Created by the DD, she has the ability to V5 anyone. Technically, this makes Tess V5 to start with, so getting hit by a V5 gun would make her V5^2. She has a crush on Elliot, but refuses to interfere with his relationship with Sarah, but considers it nonetheless. She likes to create mayhem in various ways, ranging from transforming herself into Tedd, or messing with peoples' minds with mind games. Tess goes on missions, usually always with Ellen, as going with Elliot had caused an incident that had almost gotten everyone killed. She seems to have a dark side to her however, but nothing has proven that to be true or false.


18, male; He is able to turn into the cat form and into V5 form. He is the father/mother/cousin/twin brother of Ellen. He has noticed that Tess keeps acting weird around him, but constantly brushes it off. Elliot attends a martial arts class with Nanase and Sensei Greg. Having spent a long time in the class, he has gained He is the "leader" of the group for missions, though behind the scenes Tedd is really the one calling the shots. He is usually with Nanase, and these two combined can create a powerful force to be reckoned with.


18, female; She has the power to V5 people like Tess. She is the result of V5'ed Elliot touching the DD. This makes her like Tess, technically at a base of V5 to begin with. She is still a little pissed at Tedd for it, though at the same time she is also thankful. Upon being around Nanase a lot, she has learned a little bit of magic, but nothing that would be useful. She hangs around the Dojo when Elliot and Nanase have classes, and Elliot's past knowledge gives her the ability to defend herself, but she doesn't participate in the training. Ellen is the secondary "leader" of the group, but Tedd still makes the shots.


19, female; Grace has her normal forms, and a few other animal forms that aren't mentioned. She has gained the confidence to fight, but only in self-defense and when absolutely necessary. Grace has telekinetic powers and can lift objects that weigh roughly 500 pounds at max. She has no other known abilities, but has often surprised everyone with each new form she assumes. She doesn't go on missions very often, as she refuses to fight, but will go in to negotiate if need be.


19, female; Nanase is highly skilled in the arts of her magic and has a wide arsenal of spells, ranging from offensive, defensive, support, special/ultimates, and miscellaneous spells. She's is only able to use one ultimate spell per day, as it drains much of her magic energy. She also is skilled in martial arts, but often loses her temper and lets her emotions get to her. When she loses control of her emotions, she sometimes forgets who is enemy and who is foe. During missions, it is hard for her to concentrate as she is constantly worrying about protecting Ellen or making sure she's okay, leaving her vulnerable a lot.

Black Teams

These teams are the teams that work for the Lords Tedd. They normally control their homeworld under the name of the Lords Tedd.

Black Team CR-543

Played by Tadpole

Lady Tess, 18, female; Result of Tedd DDed. Her zappy-forms are Venus, Mv5, cat, skunk, and fox.

Ellen, 18, female; Result of Elliot DDed. Her zappy-forms are Venus, Mv5, and cat.

Justine, 18, female; Result of Justin DDed. Her zappy-forms are Venus, Mv5, and skunk.

Nanase, 18, female; Result of Manase DDed. Her zappy-forms are Venus, Mv5, and fox. These are her outfits:

Diane, 18, female; She can morph into a serpent, because she can use magic. For some unknown reason, she and Susan look alike. Exactly alike.

Black Team CR-837

This team is currently the main opponents of White Team CR-257. They are currently on CR-428.


Played by yreomyr.

Color of speech: Deep Blue #000080

Name(counterpart): Susan Tiffany Pompoms (Tiffany Susan Pompoms)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

General appearance: Same as in the comic but her hair is shorter, still dyes her hair black. I also made pics.

Background: Her full name is Susan Tiffany Pompoms (her mother got to choose the first name this time). Shortly after her trip to France Susan's home reality was attacked by one of the Lords Tedd, unfortunately it was very well organized and the reality fell quickly. After some time Susan's family got the attention of a Lord Tedd, both for their wealth and for her considerable skills. When offered a position in his spy/infiltration network, she (at first) declined, when he imprisoned her parents, she changed her mind and became an reluctant member of his cadre. After some time her skills improved, both in stealth and her weapon use, she has even been honored twice by her Lord Tedd, once by the reception of a coveted hedge-cat, this one was a hedge/puma mix she named Jered, and again by given the knowledge of the uryuomoco language. Both of these are primarily status symbols, but Jered can be used as an attack animal, and she often takes him along on her mission as extra insurance. Now she continues her inter-reality work for Lord Tedd secretly hoping that her next accomplishment will merit her parent's release. On a more personal note, she's a lesbian and is unaware of it, her work leaves her little time to ponder relationships, if she were to encounter the right girl in the right situation though, all bets are off.

Relationships: Family: Father, Mother, Diane (sister) Significant Other: None

Special abilities: Able to call Jered, speaks uruomoco, athletic, excellent close combat fighter

Magic: Katana summoning, Hammer summoning

Equipment: Black uryuom battlesuit, sound dampener, stasis gun, face obscuring thermal goggles


Played by yreomyr.

Color of speech: None (thoughts will appear italics)

Name(counterpart): Jered (Jeremy)

Age: 2 Years (roughly)

Gender: Male

General appearance: He is, roughly, around 8ft/2.4m long nose to tail, weighs, roughly, 200lb/90.7kg, and his fur is of a light sandy color.

Background: Jered was born however hedge-cats are born, presumably from an uryuom egg. He was raised in captivity and was eventually chosen by Susan as her hedge-cat.

Relationships: Family: Unknown Significant other: None Other: Susan (master)

Special abilities: Jered is slightly heavier and stronger than a puma, this is due to muscle-mass and the spines. Because of this, he is somewhat slower and cannot jump as high as most pumas. His vertical jump is from 10-25ft/3-7.6m, and his running speed tops out at 28mph/45km/h. Of course this is made up for, in Susan's opinion, by his sheer offensive power by way of strength and his spines.

Magic: None

Equipment: None


Played by Theopenandclosedbook

Color of speech: Lilac

Name(counterpart): Cain (Hedge)

Age: 22 (looks 18)

Gender: Male

General appearance: A man with long ears, a slightly elongated face, scruffy, and longer canine teeth

Background: The People who made Grace, tried to make more exotic animals after General Shadetail, only one is still alive. Cain. Trained to be an assassin, he can sneak, or use his stamina to go head on. Is peaceloving like grace but is forced to kill by Lord Tedd.

Relationships: Unwilling slave of Lord Tedd

Special abilities: shifts to half dog, can shift to full dog, high stamina, fused Ribcage to protect organs

Magic: Cannot use magic, but form shifting use a lot of energy which if bothered to learn could be turned into magic

Equipment: Claw knuckledusters, Experimental Body armour, 'The Tooth' (a last resort gun, that fire armour piercing rounds), tazer and combat drugs


In limbo.

Name(counterpart): Dianne

Susan's twin and assistant in most tasks.


This includes anybody who is in and out, not with a particular group. They may work with both, or neither, by themselves, or not at all.

Unknown World


Played by broken_hero

Name(counterpart): Casey Joel Cross (none)

Text: Dirty Orange #BF8000

Age: 18

Gender: Male

General appearance: Before his Portal hop, he was edging towards husky, but a month in the apocalyptic ruins have made Casey much leaner. The only clothes Casey brought with him were a dirty-orange t-shirt, a pair of cargo pants, and an already thoroughly broken-in trench coat. His month on CR-428 have made these clothes even more tattered than they were before, but Casey has been able to scavenge articles of armor from dead troops.

Background: Casey Joel Cross was an average guy in a boring world that considered EGS and all related things fictional, but where stuff like the Aperture Corporation (from the game Portal) are real. Casey is sleepwalking his way through high school, and one day he volunteers to test a version of the Aperture Portal Gun. After being sent through deathly puzzles, a malfunction in the gun accidentally sends him to the ruined world CR-428, after which, the gun breaks (roughly 3 or 4 weeks before the action happens in the RP so far). He is forced to scavenge for food, supplies and weapons in the ruined city, in hopes to fix the portal gun and return to his world. He also has to avoid the periodic bombings of the city, and forces of the conflicting armies.

Relationships: On his world, Casey was pretty much a typical loner: bad at making friends, lonely, etc. However, his month of isolation on the ruined world have forced him to change. When he meets new people now, he can't help but try to be friendly with him. This causes him to babble on, but as he gets re-acclimated with socializing, he calms down a bit.

Special abilities: Casey's time on in the ruins have made him an effective scavenger; his minor mechanical skills have developed slightly while trying to fix the Portal gun as well as the broken blasters he finds on soldiers (though his technical skills are nowhere near Tedd's level, i.e. he could fix a car, or an alarm clock, but he couldn't build something from scratch); he has limited knowledge of the martial arts of Judo and Karate (white belt in each) from intramural activities from before his accident; he is conversational in the German language. Since Casey comes from a more "realistic" world, he is slightly more resistant to damage than the others (otherwise, a blow from a girl's Hammer would seriously injure him). This is as much of a superpower he has. He doesn't heal any faster, though.

Magic: None.

Equipment: 1 broken Portal gun; 1 pair of Aperture Corp. mechanized heel springs, 1 aluminum baseball bat; 1 suit of cobbled together damaged camouflage armor lifted off corpses of soldiers, 1 semi-functioning blaster rifle, several partially used power packs.

Nest CR-543

Played by Jfan999

Damien: 25, Male. Regeneration, fire, super strength.

Shade Tail: 18, Male. Can turn into half squirrel and squirrel forms, Can obtain more forms.

Vlad: 19, Male. Immune to pain, high frequency shriek, flight, Can obtain more forms.

Hedge: 19, Male. Can turn into a half hedgehog, uses chains as weapons.

Guineas: 19, Male. Can turn into a half Guinea Pig.

Gray CR-804


Played by: Tadpole

Color of speech: KS Bright Pink - #FF00BF; RPoL Pink w/ Purple "

Name: Trixie

Age: Unknown (10)

Gender: Female

General appearance: Trixie's hair is always in two long, thick braids down her back. It is dyed bright pink (about the color I use for her KS speech) with violet streaks. She has fair skin, blue eyes, and a few freckles across her nose. She is constantly changing her age, though, so the rest varies. She always wears blue jeans and a bright pink shirt, which unfortunately makes her rather visible, even though she has her ways of becoming stealthy...

Background: From CR-804 originally, and right now hasn't ever left it. Trixie hated her parents. They weren't bad parents, it all had to do with her. She was always a mean kid, very selfish and a bit bratty. By age six, she was acting how a teenager would typically act, only worse. She dyed her hair pink and purple, skipped school, and learned magic too - all against her parents' wishes, of course. At age 9, she finally ran away, something she had been planning for a year and a half - she just needed to collect her necessary equipment before she carried out her plan. This was truly an evil child. One day she heard of some guy named Tedd, and saw a picture of him, and decided to destroy him, just because his hair was purple, and had no pink in it. Muahahahaha!!!

Relationships: Currently non-affiliated with any of the characters in the game, and nobody she knows is really important. She's never really gotten close to anyone - no, not even her parents. I mean, come on. She was a rebel at age 6?

Special abilities: Other than being ADHD and extremely insane and the evilest kid on the planet? And throughout all dimensions for that matter? Nah, I think that pretty much covers it. Other than the magic she uses.

Magic: Flight, minor though. She can only go so high, because she isn't strong enough. If she goes too high, she will become fatigued, and gravity will pull her back down, often knocking her unconscious with her effort. It's only happened once or twice, because she's gotten used to how high she can go (100ft). She can also change her age when she wants to, and her hair and clothes, for some comical reason with no scientific explanation, change size to fit her when she changes her age. She found ways to use both of these abilities a little more easily, and that is with magic items. She has two bracelets on her right wrist (on her left is a wristwatch). As you no doubt guessed, one is purple, and the other pink; purple for flight, and pink for age. These bracelets glow ever so slightly, and you can't really notice it unless you're searching for it. When she uses them, though, they glow more, and it's more noticeable than when they aren't in use.

Equipment: She has a bag she uses to carry everything, which appears to be a pouch on her belt. It can, in fact, carry much more than it appears to be able to. In it she carries a 6-pack of shrink soda, a pocket knife, a lighter, a mini first aid kit, a snickers bar or two, and a few lollipops. She also carries a blaster, which includes a stasis gun setting, and a stun setting, as well as the normal blaster setting. It also has a setting to shoot whipped cream (WTF???).

Old Info

Here's the old info, leaving it there while I redo the page.


Alien is a loose term. Those we call aliens would call us aliens. To the point, what aliens are there? You have your basic Uryuoms, Lespukos, chimeras, and others not known of. All races, including human, have one supernatural ability unique to their race, though not everyone can use it as well as others. This is usually such as telepathy, telekinesis, or flight, though in the case of humans it is magic.


Humans only can use magic. Some believe that chimeras are able to as well, because they're part human, but this theory has yet to be proved correct. Everyone has a different strength of magic. Most people aren't strong enough to use magic on their own. For those that can, the spells you gain reflect who you are. Magic can be stored in items, usually wands, though it has to be a specific magic. The more you put into it, the more it can do. If you can't use magic, you can still use magic items. Telepathy, telekinesis, flight and such don't count as magic. They use the same power magic does though.


Due to the near limitless supply of resources and Tedds, the Tedds of both sides have developed quite an arsenal. If you can think of it, they already have, and probably invented it, too.


What I have so far there is the set-up. You have one TF group from each reality that basically includes Tedd(or Tess) as the leader, Grace, Nanase, and Elliot. This isn't always the case, as all realities are different, and each group is slightly different in some way, though they mostly follow that pattern. What I'm having trouble deciding is whether the game should be run as one group(and maybe more later), with each player a different person, or whether each player should control a whole group. What I'm trying to start here is something with a loose plot-type-thing, large player input as to what direction it goes. I'm more for winging' it than planning out stories in advance, if you know what I mean.

If done as individuals, each person would be who they want to be, doesn't matter if it doesn't fit well. There would have to be a bit of collaborating though. If done as groups, you would have multiple groups working together, and each player would design their own group as they wish, changing someone's gender, making someone twins, or even adding their own unique character, one not in the comic. I really don't mind either way. If we decide single group, though, I may want to play Tedd, for plot and game-running convenience. I don't have to, but it would be nice.

I think I'm leaning towards individuals, and it seems people mostly agree. I'm still gonna hold off on deciding until the poll ends, but if we do do individuals, then a few points.

I would probably play Tedd, unless someone else would prefer to. All other characters are optional. Pick a character, modify them as much as you like, or even make your own new character, then work on a story for them with the rest of the group. If this game gets enough interest, I'll be bringing in another group later on, and maybe even more. This thread will stay open the whole time for new players to cue up. This is a war. Try not to die. If you die, that's it, you're dead. I'll let you come back in with another character, probably in another group, but possibly a replacement character in the same group, if there's someone who could logically take the place of the deceased. Remember: Just as all things are possible for the good guys, all are possible for the baddies. Any characters you can think of for the good side could also be on the bad side, so watch out, because you never know what I'll throw at you.

However that works out, the basic gear includes, but is not limited to:

  • a battle suit(a toughened, camouflage Uryuom work suit, designed for battlefield use. Is slightly resistant to energy blasts.)
  • a blaster(the Tedd that invented it must have liked Star Wars)
  • a TF gun or shrink ray or stasis gun(slows the target down to 1/10 speed, be it a charging rhino, or a falling building. Lasts for 1 minute.)
  • a power pack recharger, with one spare power pack, which blasters, TF guns, shrink rays, and stasis guns all run on. Power packs take 15 minutes to charge.

I'll let you determine when you charge your packs, as it doesn't really matter, except for the stasis gun. NOTE: The stasis gun only gets 10 shots per power pack!

I expect posting to be in the third person, present tense, with speech surrounded by quotation marks AND in either bold or color, and with thoughts in italics without quotation marks.

Eg: Joe walks into the room and sits down. "How's it going?" he asks his buddy. Man, he looks nervous. I wonder if he's okay?

I fully expect posts to be longer than that. I know people have a tendency to post short posts during a conversation, but I expect posts to include at least one action or reaction, even such as fidgeting or smiling.

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